Since 1999, Prairie Flax has been promoting and meeting the challenge of increasing flax consumption in the food grade, pet grade and feed grade markets. Our goal is to supply the best quality flaxseed products available to our customers while retaining the value-added activity in the region where the flax is grown.

Through our many years of operations and service, we have become a world renowned supplier of high quality flaxseed products. We are the only source of our “Prairie Premium” brand of flaxseed, specially requested by our customers.

Canada is the largest producer of flaxseed in the world. and we have long standing relationships with our growers who form an integral part of our ability to source the best quality flax available.

Located along the Trans-Canada Highway 20 kilometers west of Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, our HACCP facility has strategic access to the largest portion of Canadian flaxseed crop and economical freight.

What is “Prairie Premium”?

​Flaxseed has many quality standards. Most are set out by the Canadian Grain Commission to which we are licensed. A “No.1 Canada Western” is the CGC’s top grade.

Our customers have shared with us their many extra quality standards that they require. We at Prairie Flax Products have been listening and have come up with “Prairie Premium”. Prairie Premium flaxseed is the best available quality in Western Canada.​

We at Prairie Flax Products compensate growers who produce “Prairie Premium” flax.

Our Prairie Premium flaxseed is being well received throughout the world. Call us and ask for it.